Bill is not only one of the most trustworthy builders I’ve worked with over the years, but he recognizes the value of good architectural design and quality construction. He’s fair, forthright and honest, and treats his clients like members of his own family, doing everything he can to meet their specific budget and design requirements. Very simply, he builds their home, they don’t live in his.

– Bernie JohnsonJohnson Estate Design

Bill is an outstanding builder who is extremely knowledgeable about design and construction and able to translate both into a finished product that’s at once attractive, practical and functional. He is very customer oriented and probably the most organized builder we have ever worked with. He’s also a leader and a real team player who is supportive and open to innovative ideas and suggestions.

– Mark Nasrallah AIANasrallah Fine Architectural Design 

We are just as happy five years later as we were when we made the decision to work with Bill and Alan. They were absolutely committed to the process beginning to end and never cut corners. Integrity is a word I would use to describe them.

– Tom & Peggy Chandler, Alaqua Lakes

Bill Maroon encouraged as much involvement as we could give them. We stopped by our home site everyday and got more and more excited the closer it came to completion. Their flexibility, precision and willingness to try new designs and different kinds of materials made working with the professionals at Maroon simply a joy.

– Carl & Tish StallardPennsylvania Place

Even our friends tell us we have hit the jackpot with Bill and Alan, and we know it! They are geniuses; totally professional people who have exceeded our expectations in every way. Having them build our home leaves us with the secure feeling you get when you’re 7 years old and you can fall asleep in the backseat of your dad’s car. They were always somewhere between two and twenty steps ahead of the game every step of the way, and we’ve gotten so much more than we hoped for. Their ingenuity, anticipation of needs and future pitfalls (and ability to prevent them), and their realistic and detail-oriented approach to timing and budgeting leaves us knowing our dollars have been spent in all the right places and that our home will be enjoyed for years to come.

– Ed & Margie PostalAlaqua

The best part about building our home with Maroon Fine Homes was being on budget and on time! They were very responsive and always worked with us to resolve all of the little issues that naturally arise during the home building process. We would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

– Micheal & Crissa MarderIsleworth

A valuable asset to his company and the building community, Bill is one of the premier custom home builders in Central Florida and a man with a special sensitivity to design and a client’s needs. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to listen, understand, and respond positively with words and drawings that reflect the client’s desires and individual lifestyle. His is a very special talent.

– Gary HancockWinter Park Design, Inc.

It is always a pleasure, and privilege, to work with Bill and his group. Maroon Fine Homes brings a level of commitment and professionalism to the table that always has the client’s best interest in mind. Their attention to “the process” makes everyone’s life easier during what can be an anxious and trying experience; and best of all, in the end, everyone has great new friends.

– Ed Binkley AIAEd Binkley Design

Of all the builders I’ve worked with, Bill is among the most conscientious with his clients and every member of the building team. He knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and treats everyone with the utmost respect. He goes to great lengths to ensure the job is done right. It’s not surprising that everyone speaks so highly of him and his work. He’s top notch.

– Greg Hyatt, Hyatt Design

Pam Neiman has been our interior designer for years and I trust her completely. When we decided to go forward with building a new home, she unequivocally recommended that we speak with Bill and Alan and told me that they would be her choice, hands down.  My single overriding memory of what made the building process such a pleasant experience for us was that they never said no. When I would approach them with an idea or need, they would listen, discuss the pros and cons with us, and find the best way to make what we wanted a reality.

– Mary Weiss, Windsong

Bill Maroon and his team’s commitment to understanding, responding to and fulfilling the needs of his clients makes the experience of building a home as enjoyable and comfortable as his finished product.”

– Kristin Stape, Kristin Stape Design